The Men That Will not be blamed for nothing



We love playing shows. We get lots of enquiries from people who are not used to putting on shows, so here’s a quick how-to-book-us guide:

1) Any emails written in pretend Victorian dialect or including phrases like "good sirs", "new fangled" or "Huzzah!" will be ignored.

2) We don’t need your life story. Tell us WHEN, WHERE, what your BUDGET* is, who else is playing and whether you have a PA and sound person.

(*We are a punk-rock, not-for-profit band, but van hire, petrol and all that crap add up. Running a band in the 21st century is annoyingly expensive. But we LOVE playing shows, so talk to us!)

please also note that as a rule we do not play weddings or birthdays because your family suck.